About the Constitutions

Brohmo Jyoti Dorshon

       Brahmon Sobha

Registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860
No. RS/KAM(M)/240/A-29/624 of 2011-2012 issued by Registrar of Firms & Societies, Assam
under Memo No.RFS.1046/2011-12/5440 Dated Guwahati 12/1/2012
Date of Establishment: 4th April, 2010


(b) MEMBERSAll enrolled members admitted after scrutinizing their application forms and paying the necessary prescribed fee as explained in ARTICLE – 05 (FIVE)
(c) GENERAL BODYshall mean the GOVERNING BODY as explained in ARTICLE – 06(SIX)
(d) EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall mean the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE as elaborated in ARTICLE – 07 (SEVEN)
(e) COMMITTEE shall mean the different sub-committees formed by the General Body of the BRAHMON SOBHA


02. ADDRESS OF THE OFFICE Sreebhuminagar, H.No.1, Odalbakhra Guwahati-781 034, Assam,
India, Phone: 2471812
03. AREA OF OPERATION/ JURISDICTION Global body with Head Office at Guwahati of Kamrup (Metro)
District of Assam,India
04. OBJECTS i. As stated in the Preamble of the Constitution in Part-I
ii. As stated in Item No.3 of the Memorandum of Association
05. MEMBERSHIP (a) The membership of the Shobha shall be open to all those who identify themselves as Brahmons; have respect for the Brahman culture; declare faith in Vedic Hindu philosophy of life or Sanatan Dharma; subscribe to and are willing to contribute to the achievements of the objectives of the Shobha.
(b) Any person who possesses the above requisites, may on an application made by him/her, pays the registration fee prescribed by the Governing Body, may be admitted by the Executive Body as its registered members.
(c) A registered member shall pay such fee annually as may be prescribed by the Governing Body, and default in making such payment for consecutive two years may entail the cancellation of the registration.
06. Governing Body (a) The Governing Body shall consist of all the registered members not below the age of 18 (eighteen) years.
(b) It shall be the supreme policy making body and shall have the authority to intervene in the activities of the Executive Committee.
(c) It shall be the authority to amend these Rules in its meeting held with prior agenda.
07. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (a) The affairs and activities of the Brahmon Sobha shall be run by the Executive Committee constituted by the Governing Body from amongst its registered members. Executive Committee may have Patron, Advisor (without voting right) as per choice of the Governing Body.
(b) The Executive Committee shall consist of the following:
President: To preside over all the meeting of the Governing Body, Executive Committee and all other meetings.
Vice-President (two): To undertake all the functions of the President in absence of the later.
General Secretary (one): He or she shall be the chief executive of the Sobha, shall run the routine activities of the Sobha.
Joint Secretary (three): To assist the General Secretary and to undertake function of the General Secretary in his/her absence or under his/her authority.
Treasurer (one): To receive all monies, maintain accounts etc.
Member (three):
(c) The tenure of the Executive Committee shall be two years or till the successor committee is elected.
(d) The Executive Committee shall run the affairs of the Sobha in accordance with the policies and principles laid down by the Governing Body or any direction issued by the later.
08. MEETINGS (a) The annual General Meeting of the Governing Body shall be held at such time as may be decided by the Executive Committee after giving one month’s notice.
(b) The ordinary General Meeting of the Governing body may be held at any time with the approval of the Executive Committee after giving 15 (fifteen) day’s notice.
(c) All meetings of the Governing Body or Executive Committee shall be convened by the General Secretary in consultation with the President.
(d) Extra-ordinary meeting of the Governing Body or Executive Committee may be held in case of any emergency with prior notice of not less than one week in case of Governing Body and 3 (three) days in case of Executive Committee.
(a) The Executive Committee shall meet at least four times in a year with prior notice of 15 days, and in case of emergency with 3(three) day’s notice.
09. QUORUM (a) No quorum is necessary in case of Annual General Meeting of the Governing Body.
(b) In case of other meetings of the Governing Body, one-third of the total members shall form quorum.
(c) In the meeting of Executive Committee, presence of one-third members shall form the quorum.
10. AGENDA The General Secretary in consultation with the President and Treasurer shall prepare the agenda of the meetings.
11. Fund of the BRAHMON SOBHA The Fund shall include fees, contributions in cash or kind. Subject to the approval of the Governing Body, the Sobha may collect fund/ procure land and other movable/ immovable properties from government and other bonafide sources.

Control of the Fund
Bank account shall be opened in any Schedule/ non-Schedule Bank in the name of the Brahmon Sobha and shall be jointly operated by the Treasurer and any two between the President and the General Secretary
12. RESIGNATION (a) All resignations of the office-bearers and members of the Executive Committee shall be tendered to the President.
In case of President, it shall be tendered to the Vice-President. No resignation shall be accepted without the prior approval of the Executive Committee.
(b) In case of resignation of Secretary and Treasurer, the President shall make a stop-gap arrangement from amongst the members of the Executive Committee.
13. AMENDMENTS The amendments of these Rules may be made by the Governing Body in its meeting with prior agenda. A motion of amendment must have the approval of half of the members present in the meeting of the Governing Body.
14. AUDIT The accounts of the Association shall be audited annually by an auditor competent to audit it
15. DISSOLUTION In the event that the Association has to be dissolved, its assets shall be transferred to a recognized not-for-profit organization with objectives similar to those of this Association.

Brohmo Jyoti Dorshon
Brahmon Sobha, the global Society, is an educational, religious, cultural and non-profit earning organization. It came into being on 4th April, 2010.

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