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       Brahmon Mahila & Yuva Sobha
wing of Brahmon Sobha:
Registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860
No RS/KAM(M)/240/A-29/624 of 2011-2012

Proceedings of the foundation meeting of the Brahmon Mohila Sobha, Guwahati held on 29th September, 2013 (3-6PM) at Paltanbazar Bengali Girls High School, Guwahati.

The foundation meeting of the Brahmon Mohila Sobha was inaugurated on chanting Mangalacharan lead by Laksman Chandra Bhattacharjee, President Brahmon Sobha and on lightning lamp and on offerings tributes to Sri Sri Bhagawan Parashuram, the 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu before His portrait as well as on ‘Ulu Dhwoni’ by female members present. Gobinda Sarma, member of the Brahmon Sobha proposed the name of Subhra Bhattacharjee as Chairperson which was seconded by Pradip Chakraborty,
Joint Secretary of the Brahmon Sobha. Laksman Chandra Bhattacharjee, President of the Brahmon Sobha explained the background, purpose and objectives of formation of Brahmon Mohila Sobha. Due to obvious necessity to unite all Brahmins, Brahmon Sobha was formed on 4th April 2010. It is now a registered global society formed under Society Registration Act and is serving as a platform for all Bengali Brahmins. As per constitution, there is a provision to form women wing of the Brahmon Sobha.
Accordingly Brahmon Sobha has taken initiative to form a wing exclusively by female Brahmin members. He urged upon the members of the female Brahmin Community to be united for a strong bondage among Brahmins and other members of the society. He reminded the important role played by the mothers in the family, in the society wherein children are nurtured directly under their supervision and care. The entire mother community should therefore dedicate their efforts to build up character, education, aptitude of their children to become an ideal citizen of the country.

       Aims and objectives

Iresh Ranjan Bhattacharjee, Working President of the Purbouttor Bahubhasiya Brahman Mahasabha while explaining the background, aims and objectives of the formation of Brahmon Mohila Sobha pointed out that after independence of the country, due to lack of unity, Brahmins are continue to suffer in the field education and employment. Witnessing the distressing condition, Vedacharya Moreswar Vinayak Ghaisas Guruji of Pune started to unite Brahmins in his home state, Maharashtra. Subsequently he toured whole of India and in 2009, a great conclave of Brahmins from all over the country were arranged at Pune with participation of Delhi Chief Minister Sheela Dixit, Shankaracharya and other Brahmin dignitaries from all over India. Out of such hard effort of Ghaisas Guruji, All India President, the Akhil Bharatiya Bahubhashik Brahmin Mahaasanmellan was held at Ramlila Ground, New Delhi on 27-29th April, 2012. Fifteen member delegations including one lady of the Brahmon Sobha, Guwahati along with 18 member delegations from North East attended the meet. After the meeting, Memorandums were handed over to the Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh on 8th May, 2012, Smt Sonia Gandhi, Chair Person, UPA on 12 June, 2013 by Ghaisas Guruji on behalf of the Brahmin organizations for the welfare of Brahmins in particular and for the society at large. The demands were made for establishment of one central university in each state with nationwide network with faculties for pursuing all disciplines and courses on merit based admission criteria of students irrespective of caste, creed, religion or income and to commission national welfare and finance institution with respective state level channelizing agencies for assistance towards multi-sectoral development of Brahmins men, women and students in matters of financial, employment, and education, to revive the spirit of quality-based society and simultaneously to keep continuity to the maintenance of the ancient golden treasure of Veda, Upanishad, Vedic rituals, similar to community based assistance rendered by the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt. of India under National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation (NMDFC).

The demands were also made for nominating person having Vedic scholastic knowledge in the Rajya Sabha by the President of India along with persons from the field of literature, science, art, sports and social service, as Veda is not only carrying age-old heritage of the Brahmins vis-à-vis Hindus but also a valuable treasure to the whole mankind as declared by the UNESCO. The Union Government of India was also urged upon to declare Birth Anniversary of Bhagavan Sri Sri Parashuram as National Holiday considering the need to imbibe the spirit of Lord Parashuram’s teachings how to oppose injustice in the society and how to destroy terrorizing forces while simultaneously becoming knowledgeable scholar in various fields, keeping all passion like anger, hatred under full control in the true spirit of service to the society, to the needy, poor, and destitute. Bhattacharjee also narrated that in a meeting held on 10th February, 2013 at Sanganaria Dharamshala, Panbazar, Guwahati, a conclave of multilingual Brahmins was held with the presence of President Ghaisas Guruji of Pune, and Vice President cum In charge of North East India of the All India Brahmin Body, Prof Uma Kanta Sharma of Guwahati;. The Purbouttor Bahubhasiya Brahman Mahasabha was formed. Since then it is promoting unity among all Brahmins of North East living in Meghalaya, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, and Tripura, irrespective of region, divisions and languages. He called upon Brahmin women to come forward united to protect the interest of the present and upcoming generations including revival of various rituals like Magh Brata and Sunday special rotating umbrella rituals etc. The all-India steps and actions were unanimously supported by the members.

       Position and duty of female Brahmins in the perspective of Sanatan Dharma

At the start of self introduction (Parichoy Porbo), some members spontaneously went to the first agenda of the meeting “Position and duty of female Brahmins in the perspective of Sanatan Dharma under present changing economic-socio-cultural scenario”. They mainly raised discrimination of females in various Vedic practices. The prominent Vedic Scholar of India, Srikrishna Puranik, recipient of prestigious Rastriya Vedanga Puraskar addressed various burning issues of the contemporary Brahmin Society like discrimination of women in Brahmin-rituals, inter-caste marriage, worshipping Salogram Shila by women etc., as raised by the members. He assured that if needed, the solutions can be sought from Vipra Parishads of Kashi or Pune, even from Shankaracharyas and others by him. He denied there was discrimination of women in chanting Slokas/ Mantras. Women Vedic Scholars like Lopamudra, Moitreyi, Gargi, Biswabara, Opala, Batshi, Indrani and others had even wrote many Vedic verses and Mantras. Only thing is that true understanding of Veda Mantras can be achieved only after observing the prescribed rituals associated with 'Sanskar'. Marriage was the first rituals or 'Sanskar' for Brahmin women. Females were entitled to chant Brahma Gayetri, pobitra jogyosutra and could participate even in HomJogja with husband. Earlier marriage was held before puberty. Now situation has changed. So it needs attention and corrective regulations for women, if demand so. Adhya Rhitu Sanskar for girls is the common but forgotten rituals. As regard inter-caste marriage, he expressed concern on the act and asked parents all not to encourage such marriages; as such hybrid situation would create great disorder in the society. If such children wishes (on repentance after some period) to revert back to Brahminic fold, can be admitted after observing standard 'Prayschitta' and 'Shuddhi Prokoron', as is done in case of converting back to religious fold. However such situation should not be considered as rule, but only as exception.

Due to paucity of time, other scheduled debatable agenda could not be taken up and kept for the forthcoming meetings. These were: (a) Possibility of promotion self-independence and women empowerment in the society through ancient matriarchal society. (Note: In matriarchal society females, especially mothers, have the central roles of leadership, moral authority, and control of property, as practiced in communities like Nairs, Ezhavas, Warriers in Kerala; Khasi, Jaintias, Garo in Meghalaya or Tulus in Karnataka). (b) Necessity of need based revival or framing statutes for Nitya Puja, Brata Palan, and Pourohityo etc. for women. (c) Introducing special honor for female members under categories like meritorious student, entrepreneur, valorous, struggling lady, learned, noted social worker, writer, singer, dancer, artist, sports person and achievers in other fields, religious-pious, sacrificing lady, aged, mother of illustrious children etc. (d) Necessity of performing Yoga, Pranayam and other health related exercises for women.

       Presidential address

In her presidential address, Subhra Bhattacharjee describes the important qualities of Brahmins what glorious India wants and preached over ages are person having appropriate knowledge of Brahmas having compassion, austerity and purity who has got no fear, who can conquer greed, hate, sorrow, can control mind, senses, temptations, serve truth, honesty, can undergo hardships for sake of duty, and are always be in pursuit of knowledge, educating others similar to Chanakya. On the same footings, Brahmin women cannot end up on performing routine domestic duties, they must come forward independently with spiritually pure thought on arousing righteous vision, wisdom and faith to serve people of all strata in the society and for “welfare of all”. In the medieval period, women lost their rightful place and now time has come to revert back and reoccupy to share the central role to reform the society. She told that Sanskrit language carries the message of universal well beings, but now the new generations are being deprived of exposure from such rich language and heritage. She called upon the Government to introduce Sanskrit as compulsory language in schools.

Following 21 members were elected to the Executive Committee (Adhoc) of the Brahmon Mohila Sobha: Advisors: Basanti Bhattacharjee, Soti Purkayastha, Nandita Bhattacharjee Goswami, Prapti Goswami; President: Subhra Bhattacharjee; Working President: Sukla Bhattacharjee; Vice-President: Rina Chakraborty, Mitali Bhattacharjee; General Secretary: Sumita Bhattacharjee; Joint Secretary: Sima Banerjee, Sima Choudhury; Treasurer: Madumita Bhattacharjee; Members Executive Committee: Champa Bhattacharjee, Kalpana Bhattacharjee, Doshomi Trivedi, sunita Moulik, Konkona Bhattacharjee, Mina Chakraborty, Pritikona Bhattacharjee, Nondini Bhattacharjee, Abola Sharma.

It was decided to open a separate bank account in the name of Brahmon Mohila Sobha to be operated jointly by the Treasurer and either President or General Secretary. Subject to framing of constitution as women wing of the registered body Brahmon Sobha, the tenure of the members of the ad-hoc committee would be of one year and/or till new members are elected for the executive committee. The meeting ended with song by the members and vote of thanks from the chair.
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